You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy

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Karith Foster’s book is like getting encouragement from a best friend. She is so personal and keeps you laughing with her relatable humor. She is authentic, bold vulnerable...but above all, happy!
~Ace H.


Every word of this amazing book reminds me that whether black, white, brown, gay, straight, trans, man, woman, big or small-we are all Human Beings needing time be seen, heard, loved & accepted! Read This Book!!!!!
~Lona C.

Required Reading

This book should be required reading for all adults. The author does a brilliant job giving examples of the little things we can change in our life to make it better.


This book was both motivational and comforting to me. Being type A, taking on too much and always trying to do things perfectly is not only exhausting but depressing, counterproductive and unrewarding. 
~Arete F.